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Our mission is to provide support to our school community of students, parents and teachers.  We acheive this by sponsoring an active program of speakers and presentations that explore issues that we are all dealing with.

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Letter from our Outgoing Chairpersons

This school year has flown by and as we close out the academic calendar, we wanted to let you know that the PTO has been working behind the scenes with the new school administration team on programs and materials that have a positive impact on our school community.

As we reflect over the 6 years that we have been your co-chairs for your PTO, we note that we introduced many speaker programs that helped parents understand the issues in the school and community that our students face.

We are also pleased at the funding projects we have guided for the good of as many of our students as possible including:

  • College scholarships
  • Purchase of Chrome Books
  • S.T.E.M. classroom contribution
  • Library renovations
  • Uniform Racks for the Marching Band
  • Sound system for the Gym
  • Camera equipment for filming team sports
  • Picnic Benches
  • Contribution to furnishing the new College Resource Room

Our PTO funding efforts for 2018/2019 will include a purchase of 10 new tables for the cafeteria. This will be an ongoing project that the PTO, with your support, will take on until all furniture is replaced.

As Janet and I have our final students graduating this year, we firstly want to thank the School Administration for their help with our programs, in particular John McGoldrick and Tamara D’Allessio. We also want to thank the people who have helped with leadership on our committees over the years. We appreciate our members and thank you for your support and confirm that we are leaving the PTO in good hands with Alyse McMenamin who has graciously offered to step in as Chairperson. Also returning are Heather Pappas as Treasurer and Chris O’Hea as Communications/Membership Chairperson. There is always room for new people to step up and lend a hand.

We wish all parents with graduating students a smooth transition to college or life after MHS, and a continuing great experience for those parents with a few more years of HS ahead.

Janet Serafin and Susan Sullivan

Co-Chairpersons, PTO




The PTO is offering multi-year memberships!

For Freshman parents: Our 4 year membership is a "one and done" and saves 20% in dues.

 For Sophomore and Junior parents: We are offering 2-3 year membership with 20% savings.

 Senior parents: Remember to renew your membership for a final year as many of the programs are aimed at seniors and "members only" kids are eligible for PTO scholarships..


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