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Upcoming Programs 

PTO sponsoring:

College Essay Writing Presentation

Highly acclaimed college essay coach, Randy Levin (Write to College: Your Voice, My Guidance, Your Success) will present to our Junior students and parents.  He will discuss preparing for writing college essays and selections as summer and Senior year approaches.

When: Tues 5/22/18 at 7:00pm
Where: Mendham High School Auditorium
For Who: Geared toward Juniors and their parents however all students/parents welcome
How: Program is free, registration not required

For more information on Randy Levin, visit his website



PTO AND Minuteman Sportsman Club

Working Together

Update: The NFHS, National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) video streaming service is up and running.

Subscriptions for the service is avalible through the link below.

During the summer, we joined efforts with our PTO in order to fulfill the Administrations donation request for a Motion Camera.  MSC and the PTO shared the expense of this camera - Total donation was $4500, $2500 from MSC and $2000 from PTO.  Thanks to our combined efforts there will now be a Motion Camera in the Main Gym and a second Camera out at the Turf Field that will be able to film all Sports Events, etc. that are held there. With a subscription, anyone will be able to watch games where ever they are - great for Friends and Families unable to attend, Coaches to review games, etc.  
 A BIG THANKS to Cathy Ring for all of her efforts in bringing us together with the PTO to make this happen!  The PTO has also offered to make an additional financial donation to MSC to help in our efforts to upgrade the Outdoor Food Booth - It is so nice to have our Organizations work together to help all of the Students and improve our school!!


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NEW this year - to make your life easier...... The PTO is offering multi-year memberships!
For Freshmen parents our 4 year membership is a "one and done" and saves 20% in dues.
For Sophomore and Junior parents we are offering a 2 year membership with 20% savings.
Senior parents remember to renew your membership for a final year as many of the programs are aimed at seniors and "members only" kids are eligible for PTO scholarships..


Who we are and what we do:

Our mission is to provide support to our school community of students, parents and teachers. We achieve this by sponsoring an active program of speakers and presentations that explore the issues we are all dealing with.

Our 2017-2018 Program Topics will include:

  • FAFSA (College Financial Aid) information session
  • Information Session with Superintendent Mr. Ben David.
  • The Admission Game with Peter Van Buskirk
  • SAT Bootcamp
  • Substance Abuse – Insight into drugs in our area. Identifying the signs.
  • Power School/Naviance – guide for parents
  • Helping Teens Handle Stress and Anxiety
  • Top 10 Mistakes Students Make On Their College Application Essays


Q&A session with Superintendent Ben-David 2018 




We also support our school community through our

Annual PTO Gift Program

which funded the following:


  • The PTO joined with the Minute Men Sports Club helping to fund equipment for the upcoming school teams this year, including 2 camera systems to film games, along with utility/physical upgrades to the food stand.
  • School Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
  • Arts programs including the annual Evening of the Arts and Battle of the Bands.
  • Project Graduation
  • Teacher Appreciation Events


These programs and funding efforts are only possible with your support both financial and by your attendance at our events. So please do your part by:

  • Joining the PTO again this year.
  • Attending our programs
  • Volunteering to help us  



PTO Dollars at work:


Scroll down for link to view it on your own:  

Teen Substance Abuse and Safety 

Thank You  

Patrolman Christopher Gobbi, Mendham Borough

        Detective Corporal Anthony DaCunza, Chester Township

        Chief Thomas Williver, Chester Township


 Drug Awareness 16           

View the presentation 


Thank you to Mr. Zager's Digital Class for the production of the Video.


Mr. Matyas(L) and Mr. Goldrick(R)

demonstrate the "Infocus 55 Monopad"